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It goes without saying, Pepe Le Pew and passion go together. Pepe has created a unique style of his own whether it
is house, tech house, techno or further beyond.

The name 'Pepe', comes from a character from the cartoon Looney Tunes, a French skunk who is continuously in
search for love and appreciation much like Pepe with his music, always looking to grow his career further for the love
of music.

Born and raised out of Brest, the French capital of underground techno, Pepe found a love for music from a very
young age. Being a regular musician of Saxophone, Clarinet and Guitar, Pepe knows music when he hears it.
Over time, Pepe saw an opportunity in the DJ scene which has been very successful to date both as a DJ and a
producer. A huge fan of playing hybrid sets, mixing both dj and live sets into one, which works really well with his
drum, sample machines and synths, each set is educating within itself blending classical melodies with contemporary
styles, creating a dancefloor time after time.

As a DJ, Pepe Le Pew has an exceptional skill to read the crowd understanding their mood and adapting his sets to
suit. Runner up in the Canterbury DJ finals in 2017, he has a talent and he has supported artists such as 'Colour
Castle' and 'Kormak' and will be closing ‘PAWSA’ at his first ever gig in Auckland. While he's also played at festivals
such as Rhythm and Alps 2017 (3 different stages) and Canterbury Wine and food festival, so knows both indoor and
outdoor vibes, knowing what it takes to please a crowd.

Being locally in the scene he has put on plenty of events in the past himself, and now is focusing on both his mixing
and producing, with some groovy releases in mastering.

A master artist in the house and tech scene 'Pepe' knows what's what, whether it be producing in the studio, or in
action mixing, where ever music is the focus, you'll find Pepe Le Pew close by.